North of Sunset, West of Vine is LIVE!

Hello friends,I invite you to...


Thursday, MARCH 1st (1.3.2012)

at Blue Whale

123 Astronaut E S Onizuka Street  Los Angeles, CA 90012

(I highly recommend calling to ask about parking and driving directions!!)(213) 620-0908 $10

(folks under 21 admitted with someone over 21, now's the time to get a sugar daddy/mama)


Raya Yarbrough – Singing/Spoken word/Guitar Bear McCreary – Piano/Keys/Accordion Takeshi Akimoto – Guitar Kurt Morgan – Bass Joe Travers – Drums Felice Hernandez & Christa Gates – backing vocals



For the last several months, I’ve slowly been growing attached to an ergonomic desk chair, and a rough-edged brown vintage desk... Diagonal daylight passed through the blinds to my right in a broken fan across my wall, across my hands in long summer hours, defuse in feathered pools at the turn of fall.

The show came to me in impressions.

I began to write from the inside out, from the middle and out to the ends. In truth I was hiding from a time in my life that was strange and bleak – but there was color that I had to unearth.

The songs came to me in pictures.

Some I had previously written, some came to me for the show. There is music all through, it never stops, like a stream of consciousness rolling down Hollywood Blvd. Ghosts of Jazz harmony clashing with acidic souls and 80s audacity. It was a lot for my little head. It’s too much for my heart altogether, which is why I haven’t written a post about it till now.

…but it’s here...



Photo by Jay Matsueda

If you came to the premiere show on January 19th (DEEP thank yous to all who came and sold out the show!), you will see some changes from that show to this next show – and if you come the to the next next show April 28th – you’ll see more…and then more....

Here's a great review from January 19th - North of Sunset, West of Vine Debuts to Capacity Audience

See you soon,


Raya Yarbrough

Singer, Composer, writer of absurd stories about LA, chanteuse on Outlander, BSG, DaVinci's Demons, & I used to date Dick Grayson.